This story takes its origin from the memories as in childhood many of us had a rest in pioneer camps. We were waiting for the onset of summer with impatience and anticipation, to go away from our parents in the same adult, and as we thought, independent life for a season or two. I didn’t become an exception. After 30 years we returned to the place, where our childhood and adulthood passed. The camp, we invaded, situated near the town and has been abandoned by the authorities for over 20 years. The camp was lonely and partially disassembled, as if waiting for life to return. The absence of civilization, as such, was a catalyst for us. Siberian weather frightened us by its unpredictability, huge difference in temperature, changing a cyclone several times a day. So, we were living like ascetics on equal terms with a group of people, where authenticity replaced internal emptiness and isolation. The digital camera, I took with me intentionally, was a kind of personal space for me, in which we became either active participants or detached observers, and this game gradually moved into reality. It reminded me of a poorly directed series without previously planned lyrics and scenes.

I recorded what was happening, sometimes I interfered in personal space and violated it, as much as possible, and if it was allowed by the participants, after all some of the guys never wished to be fixed. Internal torments and social ordeals are hidden behind every card, and it is something you can feel only emotionally. Hardly noticeable hierarchy falls apart at the beginning of our way, and we either joined together, as a single family or broke like beasts from a chain, slipping away into ourselves and feeling egocentrism, desire for self-expression, zealous searches to find ourselves, impetuosity. These feelings came back to some of us, although they seemed to be forever experienced. For me, as a participant of the experiment, it remained important to understand not only myself, but also to understand people around me, by means of visualization and camera. The deep difference between the generation, that has gone and us, is laid in consciously staged photos, referring us to the past metaphorically. After all, we are distinguished by the absence of social inequalities, buglers and strikers - we are equal before each other. In this series I was thinking about 3 planes, in which we put ourselves – they are intertwined and form an inseparable thing. Getting involved in these planes, we appear on the crossing

of 3 roads, as heroes of the Russian fairy tales, we force ourselves to choose the only road and then it’s time to understand whether we live truly or still play into reality. Anyway, we went home completely different, after all the main purpose of isolation was the intention to direct our gaze into ourselves, to regain the ability to express yourself through unique internal content instead of external attributes. For me, this adventure opened a completely different human world, from which we were fenced off by civilization and progress. I have never once regretted my experience and will never forget it. Peering into the series of photos to remember some moments, I will find a pause and think about what else I can do and change due to rethinking of the past events. In such a way, the viewer becomes a participator, he opens something personal before himself and moves from the internal emotional experience to existentia.